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Platform Capabilities

Practical for owners

Offering owners a web portal with accessible information anytime and anywhere with customer preffered real time notifications such as email and app notifications.

A very user friendly system that helps the customers to raise new Service requests with available information from anywhere and anytime. The system also helps the customers to keep track and manage their service requests

A robust system that helps the customer engage with the property manager and property trades man such as an Electrician, Plumber,.. and fix appointments to carry out the repairs.

Easy for managers

Reduce the number of requests via email and phone. Simply follow the Service request initiated by the customer until closure and only involve if the request is held up.

The reporting feature helps the property manager to analyse the type of frequest issues and make necessary co-ordination with the Tradesman and also plan to fix the root cause if it is linked to a building construction issue.

The system also helps the Property Manager to keep a track of the quality of the service and turn around time provided by the tradesman and set up a higher preference for a good tradesman.

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